Still fightin’ !

I have been doing my best to present CBD products to the world since the beginning of 2019. Granted, it’s only been about 6 months now, but the fight has been uphill all the way. WHY is such a great, safe and healthy product subjected to so many road blocks sales-wise ?? I have now officially been banned from every avenue I currently have. The big online auctions, Craigslist, local newsletters and newspapers won’t allow even those three letters to appear in any post, item listing or ad. At this point I can’t even list a MUG with the words “CBD” on it! I keep challenging the powers that be, but at the moment I can’t even get the necessary people to talk to me/ call me back etc..! I think it is outrageous.

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that there is a LOT of confusion about the product, but people should educate themselves before the act against it. I personally am selling safe, HIGH quality, legal items. All these products can possibly do is help someone unless they have an unpredictable (and highly unlikely) allergy to it. That can happen to anyone with any product. I do also understand that there are international shipping considerations to be taken into account since all countries have not legalized CBD. That can easily be remedied, however, by simply restricting USA sellers to ship internationally. Let THAT be the restriction and not have total ban on the sale of this precious product.

So, at the moment I feel again like a warrior. I will continue to find ways to help people and ways to keep my website operational. At the moment I can process credit cards through my site, but don’t have a shopping cart. That is a very safe way to order, but these days people like the ease of shopping carts and online checkouts so I will have to find a new method of building shopping carts. All things are possible, of course, but my point mainly is, WHY do we have to continually jump through hoops and be challenged to find new methods to sell something so beneficial to humankind as well as the animal kingdom? My friend Marie, certified nutritionist who sells CBD and is all over youtube offering for free SPECTACULAR information is regularly shut down. She has to battle to prove over and over again that what she is doing is safe and legal. Something’s wrong with this picture!

Bottom line….please my friends feel safe in ordering from my website. I will ALWAYS have safe means of purchasing, I just may have to keep upgrading from time to time!
Thanks for listening 🙂

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