Chuggin’ Along

Good Afternoon Friends….

I am posting this little update for those who are trying to follow my progress in selling cbd oil products online. I am but a mere minnow in a sea of sharks it seems, but I am fighting for a good cause. I hope I don’t get eaten up alive!

My current website at still stands but I have signed up with a lovely new website place called They use templates and are somewhat restrictive, but as I learn to customize things I hope to have the site even more functional than the previous one. This place is cbd product friendly, but I still have to get that little piece of gold called a merchant account. I do have one for normal products, but cbd sales require a “high risk” account and these days for the small (online especially) retailer they are expensive and hard to come by. I have an application in to at least sell the topical products and be able to process those payments and hopefully in time will get an account to sell all products. TO BE CLEAR, it is legal to sell these wonderfully beneficial products in the 50 states, but not all payment processors will process the payments. So, for now I am doing mostly the cash, check thing.

As I go through my town CBD stores are popping up everywhere and I am sure that is the case with your town as well. My only hope is that great quality products are being sold. The address of my new site as it stands now (which is very much under construction) is: Very similar to my other one 🙂 I will keep everyone posted as I go along on my journey!

Health and Light to you all!

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