Inching My Way Forward

It’s been a short while since I have been back here with anything to report. I do believe I have finally found a “work around” to sell my products. My local bank is helping me to find a solution. My original website is almost complete with new “buy buttons” even though I had to configure it a bit differently. I am also building a 3dcart website that hopefully we be more fully operational once things free up for those of us selling CBD products. What a shame that we have to go through such a hassle!

One of the labels that I carry will soon be having more options for pets. It has been my observation that oftentimes people will buy for their children or pets before they invest in themselves. The CBD market for pets is expected to boom as large, if not larger, than the human market! Even though cbd can be expensive so can vet bills! Of course the cbd has the added advantage of being natural and not harmful in any way to our beloved pets.

I may (hopefully) have some interesting news in my next blog. Thank you to those of you who follow me….
Blessings …and be well!


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