Still fightin’ !

I have been doing my best to present CBD products to the world since the beginning of 2019. Granted, it’s only been about 6 months now, but the fight has been uphill all the way. WHY is such a great, safe and healthy product subjected to so many road blocks sales-wise ?? I have now officially been banned from every avenue I currently have. The big online auctions, Craigslist, local newsletters and newspapers won’t allow even those three letters to appear in any post, item listing or ad. At this point I can’t even list a MUG with the words “CBD” on it! I keep challenging the powers that be, but at the moment I can’t even get the necessary people to talk to me/ call me back etc..! I think it is outrageous.

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that there is a LOT of confusion about the product, but people should educate themselves before the act against it. I personally am selling safe, HIGH quality, legal items. All these products can possibly do is help someone unless they have an unpredictable (and highly unlikely) allergy to it. That can happen to anyone with any product. I do also understand that there are international shipping considerations to be taken into account since all countries have not legalized CBD. That can easily be remedied, however, by simply restricting USA sellers to ship internationally. Let THAT be the restriction and not have total ban on the sale of this precious product.

So, at the moment I feel again like a warrior. I will continue to find ways to help people and ways to keep my website operational. At the moment I can process credit cards through my site, but don’t have a shopping cart. That is a very safe way to order, but these days people like the ease of shopping carts and online checkouts so I will have to find a new method of building shopping carts. All things are possible, of course, but my point mainly is, WHY do we have to continually jump through hoops and be challenged to find new methods to sell something so beneficial to humankind as well as the animal kingdom? My friend Marie, certified nutritionist who sells CBD and is all over youtube offering for free SPECTACULAR information is regularly shut down. She has to battle to prove over and over again that what she is doing is safe and legal. Something’s wrong with this picture!

Bottom line….please my friends feel safe in ordering from my website. I will ALWAYS have safe means of purchasing, I just may have to keep upgrading from time to time!
Thanks for listening 🙂

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So, Just who am I anyway
and why should you buy from me?

My name is Ellen and I am a retired mental health counselor. I am a person who has suffered (yes, SUFFERED) with SEVERE anxiety for decades. I got interested in CBD quite awhile ago through my insightful and longtime counselor, Flora Greenberg. I became intrigued by the potential of the products and jumped into research and then sales with both feet. I have consulted with physicians (specializing in CBD, medical marijuana and palliative care), nurse practitioners and pharmacists in regards to the usage of CBD products. I consult regularly with a licensed nutritionist and have completed a CBD training course from Alternate Medical. One thing I am already an expert in is my product line. I know they are PURE, SAFE and top-of-the line with good and fair prices. Being and empath, I am on a mission to do my part to help everyone I possibly can in dealing with any pain, mental anguish or discomfort they might have. I may be a retired counselor, but I am still trying to be of service by spreading the word about the extraordinary healing powers and potential of natural CBD products.  If any of my products have helped you I’d love to hear from you and hope you spread the word. I appreciate your help and confidence in me.

Check me out on under my name Ellen Isaksen OR on my book(s) website at: There you will find my memoir and also a handbook on how to cope with anxiety, agoraphobia and panic attacks.

I hope, over time, we will develop a great relationship and you will come to trust that I am looking to always find the best, most safe and pure products and information to help you and your loved ones with any pain, distress or discomfort you might have….NATURALLY.

Feel Free to contact me for a FREE email consultation:  Email: I am NOT a doctor (always consult your personal physician), but am willing to share anything I know or have learned along my CBD journey…

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As Luck Would Have It! and…. WHO AM I ANYWAY?

Good Morning all! It’s a lovely SUNday morning here in Pasco County, Florida. Yesterday was the second Fair we were to attend displaying and demonstrating our fine CBD products. We also try out best to educate people as much as possible about this fantastic popular and healing product. My partner, Julie, was to attend this one by herself as the fair was only an afternoon affair ( 1pm-5pm). She had her van all loaded up and was ready to leave her home to set out on her latest adventure (and they are ALWAYS adventures) when she discovered that as luck would have it, she had a FLAT tire…(mic drop, ta da dump lol)…
Fortunately Julie is always level headed and went and called her roadside assistance service who came to her aid in a reasonable amount of time, especially for a busy Saturday. Unfortunately, (as lack of luck once again would have it) the mechanic who arrived could not get her tire off the vehicle to change it! Alas, it had to be towed to a auto center and new front tires put on……

SO, Now it was about 2:30 pm when her van was operational and Julie decided to see if she could get a short time in at the fair. KUDOS to you Julie! She got set up and managed to draw in a few customers. I know I am being a bit redundant here, but essentially people are still “gong for the GOLD”…. While the Oils/ Tinctures are wildly popular across the board and the most commonly talked about CBD product, probably because they are very popular for general day time anxiety, depression, inflammation and moderate arthritic pain people are still begging to get out of big-time pain. The oils seem to be more of an “all purpose” form of CBD.

The gold label CBD concentrate seems to draw people in like a magnet….it’s fascinating to watch. I am continually getting rave reviews from customers that this product has helped. Often people use it in addition to a topical that will target a particular area, such as a joint. One of the customers from the fair must have take it right away because he went home and ordered several more syringes! My heart still melts when I hear the success stories. I wish I could afford to just give one of my products (that applies to an individual’s specific need) to anyone who needed it in order to get them out of misery, pain and/or discomfort.

Please, if you read this, pass along some of the wonderful news if you will. If you are confused or curious please contact me for a free consultation. I’d be glad to do it. Start by emailing me at:

So, just who am I anyway?? I am a person who has suffered (yes, SUFFERED) with SEVERE anxiety for decades. I got interested in CBD several months ago through my wonderful, longtime counselor, Flora Greenberg. I became intrigued by the product’s potential and jumped into research and then sales with both feet. I consult regularly with a licensed nutritionist and am currently in training to become certified in all things CBD. One thing I am already an expert in is my products. I know they are PURE, SAFE and top-of-the line with good and fair prices. I am on a mission and I appreciate your help and confidence in me.

Check me out on under my name Ellen Isaksen OR on my book website at:


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Welcome to The Fair!

March 23rd 2019 was a big day in Holiday, Florida. It was a beautiful, gorgeous, sunny day for the Holistic/Psychic Fair! Holiday is a small, multi-cultural community with residents spanning a large age range. I was actually surprised to see the turn out for this fun event with a somewhat limited focus. Vendors started setting up their wares around 8 a.m. and all remained until the 5 p.m. closing time. There were many card readers, jewelry makers and other peddlers of various items and services. Our table was all CBD and CBD related products.

Visitors young and old flocked to our table to scrutinize this curious, insanely popular and relatively new product. People seemed fascinated and wanting to know if it was the “real deal.” Our seven foot retractable sign drew much attention and was of great assistance in describing our product line when our hands were full with customers. We were trying to play host as well as observer. Mostly I wanted to know exactly from what people needed the most healing. Sadly, but not unsurprisingly, people desperately wanted pain relief. It is remarkable just how many people are in chronic, serious pain. Thankfully we have a few products in our toolbox of cbd products that work wonders with pain. The top three are our “Freeze” (roll on for pain), “Recover” (cream for inflammation) and “Gold Label” (a powerful concentrate for pain).

The Gold Label is a new product for us. It has absolutely NO additives, coloring, carrier oils etc. and is as powerful a pain buster as there is out there. It comes in a syringe and a dose is about the size of a piece of rice. It is applied sublingually with each serving containing 8 grams of pure cbd. It does my heart good to know we have products that can ease pain as well as promote healing. If you are in serious pain of most any kind why not check out this fantastic, pure, natural pain kicker!

Cya next time!

CBD – Getting The Word Out…

We have already established that CBD Oil is a H-O-T item that is not without its share of controversy. I believe whole-heartedly in this product, however, and am doing my best to get the word out to the public, my friends and loved ones about the almost magical powers of this naturally occurring chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s been around a longgg time folks, so why not let its magic finally come to light?


I admit it, I am an entrepreneur who is trying to sell CBD products and make a profit, but my conscience would never let me sell something I didn’t believe in. When I get caught up in all the blistering red tape of trying to sell my CBD-related items I remind myself that I am trying to help people to heal themselves from many and varied maladies without encountering the nasty effects created by so many prescription drugs. I find my self going to bed night after night bathed in frustration and anger due to the UN-necessary roadblocks I face each day trying to sell a perfectly legal and safe precious commodity of nature. We “seem” to be making some headway in accepting the precious plant-based compound for what it is, but when push comes to shove doors are still be slammed in the faces of those trying to promote it. In many instances it seems like we are actually going backward. In Florida where people voted to legalize medical marijuana the process of filing the paperwork required to open a dispensary can be daunting. They are even trying to shut down some that have clawed their way through the process! It’s almost impossible to sell it online because even whispering the words “CBD” or “THC” or even “HEMP” can get you blown off your auction or social media site. Sure, there are items listed up there, but only until the mass computer scanner finds you.

The company whose product I am selling, cbdMD, has been proven over and over again to have a safe, legal and superior product. WHY then is it so hard to promote it? I personally have innumerable first-hand reviews from those who have used their products and swear by them and wouldn’t now ever be without them! I have been thanked and some have almost kissed my feet for introducing them to the product(s) that allows them to be out of chronic pain. People are getting out of pain for the first time in decades and are having a better quality of life and sense of well-being. CBD’s time has come and I am hoping you will all educate yourselves and then join the band wagon of support along with me! #cbdoil #cbdMD

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And So The Journey Begins!

It’s a new year and a new day in so many ways. We as a people are facing so many new trials and tribulations in this beautiful and shiny world of ours. Dark clouds sprinkle their shadows intermittently between the sun’s healing rays. I suppose it has been thus since the beginning of time, but somehow the penetration of “dark” seems to be felt more robustly these days. I am often at home nurturing some form or another of chronic illness, yet I feel the glumness piercing through my walls. So much frustration, despair, lack of tolerance and competition for the all mighty dollar resound in our daily lives. Our environment and the beauty of nature is deteriorating before our eyes. Big business, including the business side of medicine is eating us up alive, literally. The pharmaceutical industry has lost its focus on healing and has turned its focus instead on its insatiable hunger for more and more profit. So, how do we fight back?

Thankfully many of us are becoming wise and realizing we do have a voice and can take action. We can take action by casting our votes and being more conscientious about the choices we make in our words and even in our purchasing. We can educate ourselves in alternative ways of living that will be both fulfilling to ourselves and our bodies as well as the world around us. We might discover the truth that mother nature can provide so much of what we need to nourish our body and mind, and much of it is free.

Mainly due to my own health challenges I have delved into the holistic world, particularly in the form of essential oils and home grown, pure and legal CBD oil. There is so much information and research backing the recent claims supporting the healing powers of this precious oil. USA grown industrial hemp is now legal for sale in all 50 states. I became pro-active and am now a seller of CBD #cbdoil (and essential oil) products. These are totally THC (the stuff that gives you the “high” ) free. In addition they are non-GMO, vegan, organic and totally pure. I believe in the power of their healing abilities. Why not visit my virtual mall site at OR at and get on the band wagon to make our world a more “natural” place. Hope to see you there!